In loving tribute to Taps

We are deeply saddened today on August 15, 2002 because a member of our family has passed away. Taps, may we never forget the times we shared and the memories we will hold close to our heart. Taps passed away in his sleep last night at our vet's office at the age of 15.

Taps became a part of our family on January 26, 2001 after his owner surrendered him to the pound because he could not afford to treat his cancer. One of our volunteers adopted Taps out and brought him to our facility. Where we provided Taps with the opportunity to live his life out to the fullest. We provided him with the necessary medical treatments he needed and professional care he deserved. Taps provided us with his unconditional love and the gift of his presence. He was able to spend several of his remaining months at Shirley's (his foster mommies) house, where he was treated by her and her family as the "KING! " Taps enjoyed being at the house and knew he was much adored. Taps loved to play fetch with his ball and was inseparable from his best friend Keanu.

We are thankful that Taps came into our lives, and we will never forget his smiling face. We are comforted by the fact that Taps was not in pain, nor did he suffer during his last days with us. Taps will be missed by all of our volunteers, sponsors and all of his doggie friends that he made at our facility.

We would like to thank Paula Reeve as well as Taps's sponsor parents, Sharleen Schwartz & Long Bui for there generous contributions that helped us provide Taps with the best medical treatment available.

Taps will always be imprinted in our heart!

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