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A picture says a thousand words... Although posting a photo is optional, we recommend it. This will increase the chances of finding your lost dog. We realize that not everyone has a scanner or digital camera to add a picture of a lost or found dog to our site. If you have a picture and would like us to post it for you, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the form with your dogs information and submit it.
  2. Go to the Lost & Found  dog area, do a search for your dog, when you find it write down the Pooch ID#  that was assigned to your dog.
  3. Send us a picture of your dog and Pooch ID#  along with a self addressed stamped envelope to: Pooch Heaven
                      17328 Ventura Blvd. #169
                      Encino, CA 91316

Thats it!
When we recieve your photo we will scan it, add it to our database and mail it back to you.

(Send a self addressed stamped envelope or we will not be able to return the picture to you.)

Other alternatives
Go to your local Kinko's or other print shop that has internet access. There you can have someone scan your picture and email it to us at:
Please add information about your dog (if known) in the body of the email to make it easy for us to identify the correct dog.     Thank you and good luck..

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