In loving tribute to Dot!

Last Tuesday, January 2nd, our beautiful Dot crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Dot came to Pooch Heaven with her brother, Buster, after a divorce in the family left them homeless. Dot was blind and diabetic, and required insulin shots twice a day, special food, and frequent medical care. Despite her health problems, she was the happiest, sweetest girl in the world. She was a living testament to the resiliency of the soul; she had such a positive attitude and really seemed to love life.

Because of Dot's special needs, Pooch Heaven never expected that we'd find a foster home for her, but a few months ago, a man named Pablo visited our ranch. He absolutely fell in love with Dot, and decided to become her foster Daddy. Dot loved Pablo very, very much, and he took wonderful care of her. Because of Pablo, Dot was able to spend the last few months of her life in a real home, and we can never thank him enough for giving her that gift.

We would like to express our gratitude to Margaret Choenchom, Dot's sponsor, whose generous monthly donations helped to offset the tremendous costs associated with Dot's medical care. Most of all, thanks are due to the Alsarraf family, who rescued Dot. Their love of all doggies allowed them to recognize Dot as more than just an old, sick Pit Bull, but as the truly special soul that she was.

Thank you, Dot, for teaching us how to overcome adversity with grace, how to show love without reservation, and how to live life to the fullest. You will be greatly missed by all who were lucky enough to know you.

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