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Pooch ID:   43
Name:   Marge
Breeds:   German Shepherd / Mixed
Size:   Medium (20 to 50 lbs.)
Sex:   Female
Age:   Older (over 8 yrs.)
Color:   Black / Brown
Comments:   This is Marge. Marge was found with her mother Mia (Pooch ID# 17) living in a junkyard with her father Mickey (aka Big Daddy Pooch ID# 70) when a wonderful woman, Laurie, saw them. Even though she couldnt get close enough to them to pet or catch them (they were scared of humans & rightfully so), she fed all three of them for one year. Animal Control ended up picking them up making them distrust humans even more and after a battle, Laurie was able to take them to Pooch Heaven. All three of them moved to the Pooch Heaven Ranch, many years ago, and are still trying to warm up to us. Because of their fear of humans, they are not adoptable. Mia & Marge are looking for sponsors to help us feed, house & care for them for the rest of their natural lives.Marge is 11years old, and any help you can give us is appreciated not only by us, but by these dogs that are most happy being in a nice & spacious home like the Pooch Heaven Ranch.
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