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Pooch ID:   16
Name:   Taps
Breeds:   Cocker Spaniel 
Size:   Medium (20 to 50 lbs.)
Sex:   Male
Age:   Older (over 8 yrs.)
Color:   Tan / Brown
Comments:   This little fella's name is Taps & he is a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel. One of Pooch Heaven's volunteers saw this little guy at the pound while she was rescuing another dog. As it turns out, Taps' owner had fallen ill & couldn't afford to treat Taps' cancer so he brought him to the pound to have him put to sleep (he thought that it would be humane). Well, the volunteer could not let that happen when Taps plainly has more time to spend here on Earth so she tried to adopt him. The pound told her that Taps could not be adopted because he was an ?owner turn in? so another friend of Pooch Heaven, who happens to have a law degree, stepped in and discussed the situation with the employees. Now Taps is going to live out his life at the Pooch Heaven Ranch with the medications he so badly needs to make him comfortable. Even though you cannot adopt Taps, he sure would appreciate any donations (they are even tax-deductible!) to assist us in taking care of this sweetie!
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